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ACCME’s April 2014 Announcement on Commercial Support Logos & Proposed Change

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Today I will be sharing highlights from the ACCME’s April Board Report, whereby the elimination of the use of commercial logos in education materials was announced, and changes to the Commendation Criteria were proposed.

Immediate Impact to Providers that Solicit and Manage Commercial Support

Of immediate impact to providers that solicit and manage commercial support, is the ACCME’s modified requirement that prohibits the inclusion of ACCME-defined commercial interest logos in educational materials and disclosure of commercial support. Effectively, this change impacts Standard 4 and Standard 6 of the Standards for Commercial Support

Leading up to this decision was a fair amount of debate as to whether or not this change appropriately fulfilled its intent to further promote separation of accredited CME from promotion, or whether this change compromised transparency, given attendees of CME activities might quickly recognize that commercial support was tied to a CME activity, if they were to see the logos of commercial interests.

Despite this debate, change is effective immediately, though accredited providers are not required or expected to modify or reprint education materials that currently exist.

Evolving the Commendation Criteria

Within its April Report, the ACCME also proposed its plan for evolving the Commendation Criteria. To support this evolution the ACCME has gathered feedback, to-date and developed a menu of 15 commendation criteria, grouped into four sections that go beyond solely demonstrating Engagement with the Environment. These groupings, include:
1. Creation of CME
2. CME Activities
3. The Program
4. Outcomes

The ACCME remains interested in stakeholder feedback and will be conducting an informational webinar to further detail proposed changes, Tuesday, May 13th from 10 to 11:30 AM Central Time. Click here for details on how to attend.

If you have questions regarding these announcements or how your CME program might be impacted, please contact AOE.