Weekly Compliance Tips

In our accredited CE, are we allowed to discuss new and evolving topics that are not yet based on current science?

Yes, as long as those topics are clearly identified as such.  The ACCME states that accredited CE is an appropriate place to "discuss, debate, and explore new and evolving topics," but that providers need to find a way to engage with these topics without "advocating for, or promoting, practices that are not, or not yet adequately based on current science, evidence, and clinical reasoning".  (Standard 1: Ensure Content is Valid)

We are designing an 'other/blended' learning activity; what are our guidelines?

This format is specifically used for activities that utilize a hybrid, new, or unique approach that do not fall into an established activity type.  The goal is for educators to experiment with new technologies such as virtual reality, gamification, simulation, adaptive e-learning, social media, and other approaches in their medical education.

To designate it as this type of activity, you must identify it as "other/blended learning" in the AMA credit designation statement, in the credit designation statement, and in documentation given to your learners (certificates, syllabi, etc.).  Each other/blended learning activity should be reported for a maximum of 12-month; any longer than that and the activity should be reported as separate activities.


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Weekly Compliance Tip

Are we allowed to discuss new and emerging topics not yet based on current science?

The short answer: Yes, but as long as those topics are clearly…

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