Analysis of ACCME 2018 Annual Report Data

The ACCME’s 2018 Annual Report data was released on July 17, 2019 and highlights continued growth and key takeaways. The report highlights information from approximately 1,750 accredited CME providers offering nearly 180,000 accredited CME activities. Analysis shows a noteworthy shift in data regarding participants at CME activities. For the first time, non-physician participants (57%) at CME activities have surpassed physician participants (43%). The number of educational activities and participants continue to increase and have each year since 2010. This growth and shift in learner type further supports the increasing availability of high-quality CME activities that promote interprofessional learning and continued evolution of healthcare, to support clinicians in delivering quality healthcare to patients. Three-year trend data below shows the number of physician participants has increased by 1.94% while the number of non-physician participants at CME activities has increased by 70.83% since 2016. While the number of physician learners has remained steady over the past three years, the number of non-physician participants from 2017-2018 increased by nearly 8 million learners, leading to the large spike in the summarized trend data.


Alliance 2019 Conference Highlights

“Make It Stick!” was the theme of the 2019 ACEHP Annual Conference, reflecting a conference-wide focus on proactive behavior change, on “healthcare” in favor of “sickcare”, and on quality as a daily practice.

Here are a few highlights from Alliance 2019



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While the MOC tracking system is useful, it doesn’t…

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