Analysis of ACCME 2016 Annual Report Data

The ACCME Data Report for 2016 was released July 13, 2017, including annual growth highlights and key takeaways within the accreditation system. The report details information from more than 1,800 accredited CME providers who offered close to 159,000 educational activities. Analysis shows an increase of physician participants and non-physician participants at these activities. The number of educational activities and participants have risen each year since 2010. This growth illustrates the increased engagement of learners in quality CME activities that promote interprofessional collaborations and evolution of healthcare, in order to improve physician performance and ultimately patient outcomes.


The New ACCME Commendation Criteria

In late September, the ACCME released 16 new commendation criteria divided into five categories. In order to achieve compliance with the new criteria, providers must demonstrate compliance with at least seven criteria from any of the five identified categories plus one criterion from the Achieves Outcome category for a total of eight criteria.

Here is a brief summary of each of the five categories and corresponding criteria:

1. Promotes Team-Based Education (C23-25)

The Promotes Team-Based Education category centers on collaboration in the medical profession, a key principle which is also reflected in CME team-based education.  Criterion 23 is directed at involving interprofessional colleagues not just on the CME planning committee, but also in the delivery of the education.  Consider the target audience and ensure inclusion of interprofessional colleagues not only in teaching the subject matter, but also in the planning of the education.  The basis of Criterion 24 is acknowledgement that the goal of CME is to improve the well-being of the patients and the public.  A powerful way to create engagement is to involve patients and the public in the teaching of physicians and interprofessional colleagues, which could include planning committee interaction, but also providing context during education delivery.  Similarly, Criterion 25 encourages the involvement of students in CME planning and delivery.  Students can be informative and invaluable in constructing educational programs, particularly for younger generations of learners.   



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