Compliance with ACCME Criterion 16

An outline of ACCME Accreditation Criterion 16, which requires providers to demonstrate how their continuing medical education program integrates CME into the process for improving professional practice of physicians.


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Today’s video will address compliance requirements associated with the ACCME’s accreditation criterion 16, which requires accredited providers demonstrate how their continuing medical education programs integrates CME into the process for improving professional practice of physicians.

ACCME Accreditation Criterion 16
By definition of a gap, every professional practice gap for a CME activity has the inherent need for improvement. An accredited provider’s integration of CME into the process for improving professional practice of physicians however, involves identifying and addressing educational needs from the point of view of the physician’s practice setting.

Based on the educational needs identified at this level, accredited providers must then devise CME activities that incorporate educational methods designed to address recommended practice improvements.

Physician practice improvement could come from collaborations within a provider’s own institution, or it could involve structured collaboration with outside stakeholder groups within the health care system.

Regardless of a CME activity’s purpose in terms of changing competence, performance and/or patient outcomes, its critical that the provider’s CME program be part of a defined process, and this if often where accredited provider’s fall short because a provider’s program can’t just facilitate change in practice among physicians.

Providers must have defined CME procedures that enable their CME activities to intentionally influence change in professional practice among targeted physicians. In addition, compliance with Criterion 16 requires that accredited providers demonstrate that they’re able to do this throughout their CME program, and it’s not just through evidence of stand-alone CME activities.

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