Watch the latest installation of CME Watch Blog to gain better understanding and further information about how to succeed through the ACCME re-accreditation process.

Hello, and welcome to AOE Consulting’s video blog, CME Watch. Today I will be sharing information and tips related to the ACCME’s reaccreditation process.

Providers who fall in the March 2014 cohort, you are in the midst of your reaccreditation process. And the term reaccreditation, while it may be a term that’s only beginning to be tossed around your organization, for providers who are part of the July 2014 cohort, you will be hearing from the ACCME in the next couple of weeks regarding your next steps which involve your intent to reapply for accreditation. This will formally kick off your next accreditation process.

As a first step, the ACCME’s reaccreditation process includes two sets of information: the self study report narrative and compilation of activity files that demonstrate performance-in-practice with your organization’s CME policies and procedures.

While the ACCME does require a systematic process for outlining content and assembling activity files, the processes and program analysis documented by providers can and do vary significantly. The reaccreditation process is an organizational biography of sorts. Overwhelming is a term used by many providers in reference to the reaccreditation process, but two keys to success are project organization and understanding.

Mapping an internal time line that keeps you on track with completion of self study chapters and accreditation milestones is crucial, particularly when your time is scarce. And having a thorough understanding of what is required to achieve compliance and demonstrate with performance in practice for each accreditation component is essential.

If you have questions related to CME compliance or seek strategies for how to approach the self study process, please contact AOE.