What is the difference between an internet live course and an internet enduring material course?

While both are located online, internet live courses and internet enduring material activities are very different experiences for the learner.  An internet live course is an online course available ONLY at a certain time/date, and is only available in real-time.  Once the event has taken place, learners may no longer participate.  In contrast, an internet enduring material activity is available when the learner chooses to complete it, not strictly at one specified time/date.  Internet enduring material activities typically offer a large time frame in which the learner may choose to participate in the activity (i.e. one year from activity launch).


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Weekly Compliance Tip

Is self-reporting an acceptable way for us to measure patient or community health for Commendation Criterion C38?     

Yes! Providers are welcome to measure patient or community health improvement using a variety of approaches that can include self-reporting by patients (or other community members, if appropriate to the activity).

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