I know the ACPE has some specific requirements for activity evaluations – what are they, exactly?

The ACPE does have some specific requirements for activity evaluations.  They require that each accredited CPE activity includes an evaluation that allows pharmacists and technicians to provide feedback on the following items:

  • applicability of the CPE activity to meet their educational needs
  • achievement of each stated objective
  • quality of faculty
  • usefulness of educational material
  • effectiveness of teaching and learning methods, including active learning
  • appropriateness of learning assessment activities
  • perceptions of bias or commercialism

Keep in mind, the above items are the minimum requirements for CPE activity evaluations.  The ACPE also encourages providers to evaluate additional items and to assess whether the provider’s stated mission and goals are achieved.  Additionally:  The feedback should be summarized for pharmacists and technicians separately.


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