How do I know if my ACPE activity qualifies as an RSS?

According to the ACPE, a regularly scheduled series (RSS) is a series of multiple live continuing pharmacy education sessions that occur on an ongoing, scheduled basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly).  Examples of CPE activities that qualify as an RSS include grand rounds, tumor boards, morbidity and mortality (M&M) conferences, and journal club.

It’s important to distinguish that RSSs are not the same as CPE activities which are repeated offerings of the same educational activity to different audiences.  Based on needs assessment and identified knowledge/practice gaps of the learners, regularly scheduled series are primarily planned as multiple educational sessions for the same audience (i.e. a professional staff of a hospital or health care system).

The ACPE requires, additionally, that each session must have the same number of contact hours, overall learning objectives, activity type, target audience, topic designator and format (for live activities only).


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