Our activities offer MOC – how do we advertise this to learners?

There are three main ways!

1) Each board has a different statement for provider to use on your audience generation materials to inform learners that this activity offers MOC for that specific board.  These statements will need to appear on the materials that are distributed before the activity and include board information about how many (and which type of) credits the learner could earn.  2) Multiple boards provide CME for MOC badges that can be used in your materials.  3) Once you have registered your activity in PARS for MOC, you can opt for your activity to appear in CME Passport for physicians searching for MOC activities.


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Weekly Compliance Tip

Can we use commercial support to pay expenses for a handful of individual learners to defray the costs of attending our activity?

Standard 4 is dedicated to the appropriate management of commercial support.  It clarifies that…

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