To comply with the new Standards, do we need to replace all instances of “commercial” with “ineligible”?

Per the new Standards, the term “ineligible company” now replaces the term “commercial interest”.  So, does this mean that instances of “commercial” as in commercial bias or commercial promotion should always be replaced with “ineligible”?  Actually, no, it doesn’t.  The reality is that both terms still need to be utilized.  While “ineligible company” has replaced the term “commercial interest”, it is still most appropriate to use the terms “commercial support”, “commercial bias”, and “commercial promotion” in various places.  For example, ACCME Standard 4 still refers to commercial support and ACCME Standard 2 still refers to commercial bias.  The use of “ineligible company” is most specifically focused on the ACCME’s definitions of organizations ineligible to be accredited in the ACCME system (ineligible companies) or those eligible to be accredited in the ACCME system (eligible organization).


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