What is a UAN and why do I need one for ACPE-certified activities?

A UAN is a “Universal Activity Number”.  It looks like this example: 0798-9999-18-246-H04-P.  UANs are identification numbers assigned to each CPE activity.  This number is developed by combining various pieces of information pertaining to the activity:

  • The ACPE provider identification number (0798 in the example above)
  • The joint provider designation number (0000 for no joint provider, 9999 for all joint providers)
  • The year of the CPE activity development (18 in the example above)
  • The sequential number of the CPE activity from among the new CPE activities developed during that year (246 in the example above)
  • The topic and format designators (H for home, L for live, 04 as the selected topic application in the example above)

UAN numbers are created and assigned during activity registration, and are required components on all activity announcements and front matter.


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