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Navigating Education Excellence

AOE provides CME/CE accreditation and re-accreditation support, as well as association management services.

Our roots are firmly established in education and accreditation. From outsourced CME/CE accreditation management, to self-study assistance and CME/CE workshops and trainings, AOE’s team of consultant’s offers tailored consulting services that meet the CME/CE compliance needs of your organization. We work with multiple CME/CE stakeholders, leverage our collective experience, and deliver proven results that help you and your organization excel.

For medical societies and associations that place education central to their missions, AOE provides tailored association management services. Whether the needs are to effectively manage daily operations, increase educational offerings, grow and retain members, or deploy new member benefits, AOE provides association management services with a proven track record of excellence and success.

We have worked with more than 30 societies, hospitals, medical education companies and academic centers to provide CME/CE consulting, training and association management. In addition to accredited organizations, we have worked directly with Congress, regulatory organizations, pharmaceutical and medical device teams, and more than 140 national, state, and international accreditation boards, including ACCME, ACPE, and ANCC.

Our consulting services and audits have improved efficiency with Six Sigma business case results. Our self-study reports have produced multiple exemplary marks and Accreditation with Commendation from CME/CE accreditation boards. Our staffing plans have eliminated inefficiencies and helped organizations achieve 35% annual growth and annual cost center reductions of 28%. And, we have worked with more than a dozen organizations to provide business planning and budget analysis in consideration of maintaining or obtaining CME/CE accreditation.

In short, our success is tied to yours. Learn how AOE’s CME/CE consulting and association management services can help the following stakeholders navigate the continuing education arena.


Whether state- or nationally-accredited, AOE understands the unique challenges and opportunities that exist for CME/CE departments within the hospital and healthcare setting. AOE helps navigate obstacles associated with human and financial resources, access to data, demonstrating quality improvement, as well as competing needs for educating your institution’s own medical staff.

Medical Specialty Societies & Associations

AOE has a proven track record in documenting measured education needs among members, overseeing compliance across annual meeting sessions, and providing continuity management across committees with term limits. In addition, AOE’s team is well-versed in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements set forth by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and synergies that exist with CME/CE requirements. For societies and associations where accredited continuing education is core to their mission, AOE offers tailored association management services and has a track record of helping organizations grow and realize greater financial success.

Medical Education Companies

AOE knows how Medical Education Companies are different from other CME/CE providers. Whether its best practices in collaboration, streamlined processes tied to joint providership, or compliance with managing firewalls between sister and/or parent organizations, AOE’s consultants provide expertise garnered from work with both for-profit and not-for-profit medical education companies.

Academic Medical Centers

AOE helps academic departments define and deliver CME/CE excellence. We work with you to address professional practice gaps associated with the translation of research to practice, collaborate across schools and colleges to meet inter-professional education needs and streamline education planning, advance strategic plans set at the institution level, and construct learning from teaching programs and medical student mentorship activities.

CME/CE Professionals

Whether working directly with CME/CE professionals or through work with an employees’ CME/CE department, AOE advances the professional development of CME/CE professionals. AOE offers both standing and customized professional development trainings for CME/CE professionals, including preparation and study materials for the CHCP Exam. As well, we offer numerous training and supporting educational materials for the CME/CE professionals employed by the organizations with which we work. Training is a significant component of what sets AOE apart.


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