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AOE Consulting

CCMEP Exam Preparation

The AOE Prep Course

We have prepared more than 100 individuals at 15 organizations to successfully take and pass the CCMEP exam.  As quality minded individuals and organizations embrace continuous professional development in the CME arena, leaders are demonstrating their excellence by preparing for and earning the Certified Continuing Medical Education Professional (CCMEP) designation.

The AOE Prep Course is an intensive session that provides training, sample test questions, and complete study materials to ensure your testing success.  After interviewing multiple professionals who have taken and successfully passed the exam and earned their CCMEP designation, AOE provides interactive training that specifically covers the five modules addressed in the CCMEP exam: Adult Learning Principles, Educational Interventions, Relationships with stakeholders, Leadership/Administration and Management, and Knowledge of the CME Environment.

To date, based on reported statistics, the AOE Prep Course holds a 99% pass rate.  Our course remains updated with content and sample exam questions reflecting the most current version of the CCMEP exam developed by the National Commission for Continuing Medical Education Professionals (NC-CME).

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